Wired FS01 Micro USB/Laser Ring Barcode Reader With WT01 Wearable Smart Android Barcode Scanner Terminal


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Wt01 is a new smart barcode data terminal and it's different from the other terminals in the market but it integrates with wearable armband, smart phone, mini barcode scanner and mobile data terminal into all-in-one. It would become reality for barcode read, analyse and handle so you no need to buy expensive out of date PDA. It's a good solution for warehouse management, Barcode traceability for logistics center,Supermarket inventory andFixed assets accounting for depreciation.
FS01 wearable ring scanner enable operator to move package , products and materials, helping to increase more efficiency, It is very comfortable to wear it in whole working day, with high performance laser scan engine, even poor printed barcode can be read. The rugged rubber shell makes daily use reliable even in the roughest environments.
1.Logistics freight management access to warehouse
2. Barcode traceability for materials production
3.Factory asset management
4.Supermarket inventory
1: WT01 Phone Terminal
1: Finger Mini Barcode Scanner FS01
2: USB Cable
3: rubber belt
4: User Maual

Battery of WT01: 3000mah Rechargeable lithium ion battery external trigger mode work for 10 hours for 10 second interval scan