Gobo Projector Pro! Color Changing, Led Gobo Projector Light W/ Rotation Feature – RGB – 30 Watts!


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Direct now carries EddyLight's COLOR CHANGING, HIGH POWER, LED Gobo Projector w/ Rotation at an UNBEATABLE PRICE! This 30 watt design is guaranteed to project a BRIGHT crisp image at all of your events! This the premium pro GOBO projector!

Our Gobo projector's BRIGHT beam is perfect for all events all venues. This gobo projector is an absolute MUST HAVE for all decorators. We offer countless pre designed gobo slides OR you can upload your own image for CUSTOM projections!

Project lighted patterns, logos, initials or designs on any wall, floor or ceiling at your next .

Direct's Gobo projector is sturdy durable with low heat output. This light will run all night!.

This product is only for the gobo projector. Gobo's are sold separately.

Gobo light: 10W

Lighting a Performance:

Ambient light conditions significantly effect the overall brightness of projected images. It is recommended that you project on lighter surfaces for a brighter image. As a rough guideline for planning you will find this projector is able to produce a clear 10ft wide image at a distance of 40ft. The closer you get to the projection surface the brighter your image will be. At 20ft you can project a clear bright image that is 4ft wide.

Gobo Projector